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Style Advisor – your virtual stylist

Style Advisor – Visit the stylist without leaving home! Look at yourself from the outside, try to pick a fashionable hairstyle, hair color and the appropriate accessories to complement your image, using iPad Apps Style Advisor! Try it out!    

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Hairstyles for triangular face type

The triangle shaped face is one that curves upwards. This means that the jaw line is larger than the hair line in the widest point. If you have a triangle shaped face, you would certainly have to put in some effort into emphasizing the top portion of […]

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Round face shape and hairstyles

Rounder, fuller face shapes with full cheeks have the added advantage that they usually appear youthful! If you have a round, full face shape, chances are that you really don’t look your age! So it’s worth bearing in mind that if you do want to look older, […]

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Partial longitudinal coloring

Partial longitudinal coloring Fashionable partial longitudinal contrast coloring – hair dyed partially along the length of the strands, and the width can be colored strands from thin to wide.

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Colouring «ombre»

Colouring «ombre» or otherwise «dip dye» now at the peak of beauty fashion  

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Variety bob haircut

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Hairstyles for oval faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you have probably been referred to as one of the lucky ones more than once because the oval shape has long been recognized to be “the perfect shape.” What this means is that most hair styles would look great on you […]

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Hairs for long face

If you have straight hair you can create more width with a full fringe. Fringes will cover up a particularly large forehead which will help to shorten the face. Fine hair will defiantly appreciate some layers and look better in a short style. Layers will add volume […]

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