Virtual Hairstudio Salon Edition

Virtual Hairstudio Salon Edition

Virtual Hairstudio Salon Edition for PC

Professional hairstyling and style consulting on PC for your clients

Virtual Hairstudio 6 for hairdresser salons lets you visualize your ideas and show your customers their new look even before you cut or colour. With Virtual Hairstudio 6 you offer your customers a computer-aided before-after consulting, color type consulting, style consulting and much more.

Virtual Hairstudio 6 uses a digital photo of the customer and offers you and your customers about 500 actual, trendy hairstyles in a photo quality.

Discover the most actual hairstyles in the 6th version of Virtual Hairstudio – a successful hairstyle and style imaging software for hairdressers, stylists and more.


299 €

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Hairdressing school
Animate your show window – with an adjustable slideshow presentation! Create hairstyle catalogues for your clients. Take advantage of a well-arranged user interface. These features and much more – in the version 6.

Why hairstyling on computer?

Many hairdressers regard the computer-aided consulting critically. The most frequent arguments: the real hair cut would never look exactly like the image, not every hair cut can be made for every concrete customer, a good hairdresser does not need such help, and the computer only stands in the way. We show you that there arguments speak for and not against the computer-aided consulting.

Let us show you the advantages!
It is right that a good hairdresser does not need any photos, magazines or software to find and create a good hair cut. But the customer also has some ideas. And the problem lies oft in the communication and coordination of thhe both ideas.

Video presentation

Video presentation

The studies show that more than the half of the customers are not happy with the quality of consulting in salon and therefore also with their new hair cut or color. And a dissatisfied customer is often a lost customer.

Some customers come e.g. with a photo from the mode magazine. You can surely see if the dream hairstyle would be good for them. But they do not. You can try to explain… Or just show! Visualize it! And show your ideas too.

It is also right that not every hair cut can be made from the hair of this concrete customer. But you as a hairdresser can explain why and offer alternatives – and show them!


Demo version

Please download the free demo version of Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition.

Virtual Hairstudio Salon Edition offers you:

  • Load a photo from a file, scan it or load it from the camera
  • Photo editing: cut out, adjust hue, saturation and color balance if needed
  • Automatical face recognition
  • 500 actual hairstyles
  • Hairstyle selection by different criteria
  • Additional information about each hairstyle in a popup information window: preview, identification number and description
  • Favorites list: mark your favorites or e.g. the most popular hairstyles and find them again
  • Find hairstyles by number
  • Add highlights in up to 3 colors
  • New coloring mechanism: special colors for each hairstyle – for the most realistic result
  • Make up consulting
  • Individual recommendations for best suitable hairstyles and colours
  • Colour and form adjustment of hairstyles
  • Import of own hairstyles
  • Printing out new styling ideas with salon contact data and logo
  • Save styling ideas as images or send via e-mail
  • Optional: integrate salon logo into the program interface
  • Always actual: regular hairstyle updates to buy (optionally)